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About Us


Full of Beans Coffee Co. opened in February of 2014 - but Howie Cohen's journey towards the perfect roast started long before. It began with eBay-purchased beans and a popcorn popper and evolved into a state of the art roasting facility in Utica N.Y.  

Over the years, Howie Cohen sampled the world's most flavorful beans and experimented with a multitude of roasting methods. He tested beans from all over Asia, Latin America and Africa. Howie invested in high end roasters and grinders. And he experimented with roasting methods, employing various charging temperatures. 

When you take the first sip of a Full of Beans Coffee Co. variety, you will experience the explosive flavor strength and brightness. You will cherish the bean's complexity. This is the result of Howie's tireless quest for the best beans and his experiments to extract the best acidities, colors and flavor. His disciplined process of research and discovery continues today.

May your mug always be hot and your pantry always Full of Beans.

Our Process

We are a small, craft-oriented roaster that consistently offers the highest quality coffees. We sustain our superior products by sourcing only the world’s best beans and roasting in optimal batch sizes and frequency to allow our personal attention to each roast and customer. Our packaging and shipping methods focus on ensuring you receive the freshest coffee – to enjoy from the first cup to the last. We offer a full spectrum of grinds to fit within your personal brewing method. For certain beans, we will recommend a specific roast, but you can always select your preference. And if you have any specific requests, you can call us directly.  We always love to talk about coffee!        

Roasting on a Diedrich IR-5

Our Equipment

German quality is apparent in the Mahlkonig grinder. Nicknamed the "R2D2" for obvious reasons, the large grinding burrs along with its incredible grind speed makes this grinder the first choice for coffee shop owners around the world. Grinding coffee from course to Turkish is a snap with the Mahlkonig.

There are over 1,800 chemicals in green coffee. The roasting process manipulates over 1,500 of those chemicals. The Diedrich coffee roaster is different from any roaster made in the world. Everything from the engineering design and manufacturing is done in Sand Point, Idaho. What sets the Diedrich roaster apart from all other roasters is the type of burner used. They are unique in that they use infrared burners and heat exchangers where the exhaust gases are not mixed with the beans. This allows for a better cup of coffee.

Diedrich IR-5

Diedrich IR-5 Roaster

Mahlkonig "R2D2" Grinder

Contact Us

Full of Beans Coffee Co. is happy to respond to your questions or suggestions. Ask about our coffee varieties, roasting and grinding processes - or anything else!

Full of Beans Coffee
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